Using iPhone 6 Plus Single-Handed May Not Be Easy

That big 'ol iPhone 6 Plus has many iFans reaching for their wallets, but it could have them reaching even further. A new report, showing how we typically use a phone, suggests the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus might be a bit more than we can handle. Using a "heat map" of the average smartphone user, it seems you'll need both hands for the new iPhones.

Based on a study from 1,333 smartphone users, Quartz created a map of one-handed use for the iPhone. Roughly half the respondents said they used their phones with one hand, and about two-thirds used it right-handed. Taking that into account, the images above show just how much trouble you might have with normal one-handed use of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

This info also serves to highlight why Apple made reachability a thing, or why others like Samsung allow users to scale the screen down for one-handed use. It also reminds us of the long-held mantra Apple had about larger phones not being adequate for one-handed use, which was their reason for not making one (until now).

The findings also explored "choking up" on the iPhone 6 Plus, which actually netted more theoretical thumb real estate. That's how dropped phones occur, though, so just stick with reachability.

Source: Quartz