Use your treadmill to play WOW

Emily Price - Aug 26, 2008
Use your treadmill to play WOW

If you play a lot of World of Warcraft on your PC then chances are you’re not doing a lot of physical activity in the process. A few industrious WOW players created a way to hook up treadmills to the game so they could simulate the running done by their avatars in WOW.

If you play WOW then you know there is a TON of running involved in the game. While interesting in thought, there’s no way anyone could actually play the game hooked up to a treadmill for any significant length of time. Avatars in the game also run pretty fast, faster than you’re probably going to be able to on your treadmill.

You can check out some instructions on how to do the treadmill hookup in your own home here. The creators also posted this YouTube video of the process in action:

[via Gizmodo]

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