Use your iPhone cable to charge your 3DS with this adapter

When you have a smartphone that need recharged at least every night, you tend to carry around something to charge it with. That's why I keep a spare Lightning cable in my bag, and one in the car. But what happens when you want to charge something else, like your 3DS? Well, if all you have is a Lightning cable, then you'll soon be in luck.

The latest version of the 3DS has some nice features, but it was missing something in the box. Nintendo must believe that everyone already has a cable to charge a 3DS, because they decided not to include one. If their assumption about you was wrong, that means you need to pick up a charger separately.

If you don't want to spring for a new cable, or you prefer to travel as lightly as possible, then you might want to check out this simple adapter. It plugs into your Lightning cable, and lets you use that to charge whatever flavor of 3DS that you own.

The little adapter costs right around $8 and comes with one small catch. The site that you have to get it from is entirely in Japanese. They appear to ship to the US, if you're able to navigate your way through their site.

GameTech VIA Gizmodo