USDA warns Healthy Choice chicken bowls recalled over small rocks

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a recall notice from Arkansas company Conagra involving its Healthy Choice chicken bowl products. According to the recall, these items may contain small rocks mixed in with the food, putting consumers who purchased them at risk. The unexpected material was discovered after some buyers reported finding the rocks in their food.

The recall involves the 9.5oz Healthy Choice chicken bowl, specifically the 'Power Bowls Chicken Feta & Farro' version. According to the USDA, a total of 130,763 pounds of the product were recalled; they're frozen and sold 'not-ready-to-eat,' according to the Conagra. The recalled items feature the UPC codes '072655001800' and '072655003026.'

Following complaints from customers who found rocks in their chicken bowls, Conagra contacted the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), which announced the food recall on Friday, April 10. There haven't been any reports from consumers who suffered 'adverse reactions' after eating the recalled products — however, the USDA says it is worried that some consumers may have these impure products in their freezers.

Assuming you've purchased one of the recalled chicken bowls, the USDA encourages you to throw them away; there's also the option of seeking a refund from Conagra by contacting its Consumer Care division, which is also available to answer questions about the issue.

The chicken bowls were produced on January 23, 2020; they were sold throughout the US and some of them were exported to Canada with 'BOILS ÈNERGIE Poulet feta et épeautre' on the label. The USDA has listed this recall as a 'Class I,' which means that it is a 'health hazard situation' with 'a reasonable probability' that eating the food may cause 'serious, adverse health consequences or death.'