USB Webmail Notifier lets you know when mail is in

Oh great. This is just what I need. I already check my email a million times a day. Maybe I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive? Maybe I need the assurance of my popularity with a constant influx of emails? Whatever the reason though, I love hearing that familiar "ding" whenever a new messages pops into my inbox.

But with the USB Webmail Notifier, you can also see when you've gotten a new message. This device plugs into a USB port and lights up in different colors whenever you get a new email.

This USB gadget works with many email types including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail and other POP3 email accounts. Once the device is configured to work with your inbox, it should flash so you can instantly know when a new message needs your attention. You can pre-order the USB Webmail Notifier now for $17 and it will ship in the middle of the month.

[via Ubergizmo]