USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub with Flashlight Now Available for $22

Evan Selleck - Aug 5, 2010, 9:42 pm CDT
USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub with Flashlight Now Available for $22

Every been out and about, and realized that you forgot your car charger? And then you realize your phone is about to die (or, maybe you realized both things at the same time). So, what do you do? Ask some store around you, or perhaps the person you’re with, if they know what to do? Well, what if you had a small USB hub on you at all times? One that’s solar powered, no less? That would just solve all of your problems, now wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly what the USB Solar Charging 4-port Hub (with Flashlight) is. Besides having a really long title, which gets right down to the point, the hub is actually pretty useful. It comes with a rechargeable battery at 130mAh, and as the title suggests, that battery can be charged from either direct sunlight, or itself being plugged in. It comes with seven mobile phone connectors, which should take care of most every phone that anyone would still be utilizing in this day and age.

It’s small enough to be portable, and features things like an LED indicator for battery life, charging status of that battery, and the output status. It has an On/Off switch as well, making sure that you don’t drain the power needlessly. The four USB ports are fully USB 2.0 compliant, for the record. It’s a plug-and-play design, meaning it should just work right off the bat. You can order it right now from here, and it will only cost you $22. Oh, and did we mention that it has a flashlight on it, too? Because it does.

[via Brando; thanks, Lawrence!]

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