USB medical gadget takes reading of your Blood Pressure

If there's a voting contest for best USB gadget, this USB medical widget takes the cake; not in creative department but its usefulness. Brando's USB Blood Pressure Monitors allow users to monitor their blood pressure on the go or keep track of its rates over a period of time with the included app.

The desk version USB Blood Pressure Monitor costs $69, it allows user to measure the diastolic, systolic, and pulse rate by simply wrapping the cuff around the arm. A cheaper and much-portable version is more sporty. For $57, it looks more like an oversize high tech watch wearable on your wrist.

Both units require 4 pieces of AA-sized batteries to operate. Additionally, there's a included app provides blood pressure reading and tracking to be stored and monitored on your computer. Its plug and play USB port allows recorded data to transfer to your PC.

[via chipchick]