USB Firefly Squid

You can always expect the craziest USBs from Japan and one of the latest finds is a deceptively edible-looking squid in a supermarket-style package. But, upon close examination and use of some Japanese language skills, you'll soon realize this squiddy wont be able to satisfy your appetite for some raw ika, but it will help you transfer files.

Created by SolidAlliance, the Firefly Squid USB contains an LED that glows when plugged in giving it a nice squiddy luminescent effect. And surprisingly, it actually does something useful with its 512MB memory capacity, unlike the USB Humping Dog that just, well, humps. It will be available by the end of January 2007 and would probably make a great gift to any of your squid-loving friends.

A USB luminous octopus by SolidAlliance! [Via: AkihabaraNews]