USB Fever - Magic infra-red light cures aches and pains

You know those pieces of exercise equipment that promise rock hard abs in just minutes a day? Well, I'm thinking that this would have to be the gadget-equivalent of such a device.

While the USB Fever isn't going to tight pecks or buns of steel, it does promise to relieve the pain that one might get from using a computer for extended periods. You know the ones, the tingling wrists, the stiff neck and the bouts of dizzy spells. Oh, dizzy spells aren't normal? I'd probably better have that checked. Anyway, this USB-powered gadget is said to relieve aches and pains with the cunning use of and infra-red pad.

I'm not a doctor, so I can't really tell you exactly what infra-red heat is going to do that's so special. However, if you follow the directions included with this device, you'll talk to your doc before using it anyway. You can pick one of these up for just $21.99.

USB Powered Infra-red Pain Relief [via everythingusb]