US smartphone market share slows down, Android still on top

The smartphone market is a cage match, and all manufacturers are fighting for every last percentage of market share. However, the past few months have seen little activity as far as changes in smartphone market share. Since June, there hasn't been a significant increase or decrease in market share other than a couple of percentage points at most.

According to research firm ComScore, the US smartphone field in September was virtually unchanged from where it was in June, even down to smaller platforms like Symbian and Windows Phone. Unsurprisingly, Android still leads the way with 52.5% of the mobile OS market share, with iOS in second at 34.3%.

BlackBerry came in at 8.4%, with Windows Phone at 3.6% and Symbian coming in last at under 1%. Compared to June averages, it's more or less the same deal, with the biggest change coming from BlackBerry, which saw a 2.3% drop from June to September (surprise, surprise). Other than that, Apple saw the biggest gain of 1.9%.

Market share for the top mobile device manufacturers was also fairly slow and uneventful. In September, Samsung came out on top with 26% of the market share, with LG and Apple right behind at 17.7% and 17.5%, respectively. Motorola came in at 10.9% and HTC just over 6%. Of course, all companies saw little change since June, with Apple having the biggest increase of 2.1%.