US laptop ban lifted for flights from Istanbul and Dubai

The US government has lifted in-flight laptop bans for flights originating from Istanbul and Dubai, a follow-up to the recent ban removal for flights from Abu Dhabi. The ban removal follows recently announced enhanced security measures that, if enacted by airports, may result in their in-flight gadget bans being removed. All of this, of course, follows the US ban on certain large in-flight electronics that may be modified so that the batteries function as bombs. The UK implemented a very similar ban immediately following the US's ban.

The issue started months ago when the US implemented a ban on in-flight electronics on planes flying directly from certain cities in the middle east. Later reports revealed that the ban was implemented after intelligence officials discovered plans to utilize laptop and/or tablet batteries as bombs. In the recent past, sources tipped possible plans for the US laptop ban to extend to flights originating from some European countries.

That plan was delayed and eventually eradicated, though, in favor of new enhanced security measures that affected airlines can choose to follow. If they do, the in-flight gadget ban may be lifted as we've seen in these three recent instances. Most recently, the ban has been removed for flights flying directly from Dubai International airport and Istanbul.

According to a TSA spokesperson speaking to Reuters, US officials plan to visit Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates to ensure the enhanced security measures have been implemented. Turkish Airlines also anticipates an upcoming removal of the in-flight gadget ban implemented by Britain, which itself didn't apply the ban to Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

SOURCE: Reuters