US House of Representatives allows Members of Congress to use Skype

Skype was one of the early VoIP services and remains one of the more popular ways for people to stay connected and see the people they are talking to if video calls are used rather than just hearing the person. Skype is easy to access for just about anyone with a web connection and a computer, smartphone, or tablet today. The US House of Representatives has announced that the Committee on Administration has revealed that Congressional leaders can now use Skype for communications.

They won't be holding virtual meetings on important Washington concerns using Skype though. The approval is designed to allow the Members of Congress to talk to constituents when they are in Washington or the constituent is unable to travel to the office of their representative. The use of Skype will also allow people in a Representatives district to be able to participate in virtual town hall meetings for their district no matter where they are located.

Skype says that it looks forward to working with the Senate and other governmental agencies in the future and helping to open new channels of communication between citizens and lawmakers in Washington. Skype also notes that it worked closely with the Congressional network security teams to ensure that the Skype service was safe to use for official business.