US Army drops $4.8M on 315 Recon Scout XT robots

The military in all branches is starting to adopt robots and other devices like unmanned drones that can be used to survey a hostile battlefield and keep soldiers out of harms way. There are large robots that can be mounted with weapons of their own to fight the enemy and there are some that are small and meant to help the solider get eyes on a target.

ReconRobots has announced that the Army has ordered up 315 of the Recon Scout XT robots that are small and compact. The robots remind me a lot of some sort of weed puller for the garden. The Army has also ordered up 315 of the SearchStick devices that allow the Recon Scout XT to be placed on a pole to see over walls and other obstacles.

The massive order will be delivered by the end of October. The Recon Scout XT is a small robot that weighs in at 1.2 pounds. It can be deployed in the battlefield in five seconds and thrown up to 120-feet. The controller for the robot has only one button making it easy to use. Soldiers can also recharge the bot in the field using a standard 5590 or 2590 battery.