US Air Force creates new cyberspace officers

Shane McGlaun - May 19, 2010
US Air Force creates new cyberspace officers

The military in the US runs off information. Without information, the military can’t find targets and keep abreast of what the enemy is doing. With the huge importance of information and data it is no surprise that the military spends huge sums of money to protect and gather data and information.

The US Air Force has taken about 3,000 officers and moved them from communications officers to a new title of cyberspace officers. The total airmen that have moved from communications to cyberspace is about 30,000 reports the AirForceTimes.

The new cyberspace officers will continue to perform the same tasks they used to by supporting base computers and communications, but they will also be experts on how a computer or communication network can improve the war-fighting capabilities of the Air Force. The new cyberspace officers will attend courses at Keesler Air Force Base that lasts for 115 days whereas the old communications officer training was only 26 days.

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