Urbanista Seattle headphones let you share your music

Swedish company Urbanista has announced a new pair of headphones called "Seattle." The Seattle headphones have an on-ear foldable construction with a fairly plain design and, in the case of three out of four models, a single-color scheme. The company hails this as Scandinavian minimalism, and it does hold its own sort of appeal compared to the myriad of complex, flashy alternatives. The headphones are designed for modern users, and as such has an integrated microphone for taking calls, as well an interesting social feature.

If you're wearing your headphones around a friend or curious coworker and want to introduce them to your favorite song, the Seattle model has a "share plug" that a second person can connect to with their own headphones or earbuds. The headphones, as shown in the photos, are of the wired sort; they appear at first glance to be free of model branding, which is refreshing.

The headphones feature memory foam earpads and an adjustable (likewise cushioned) headband. The model has a 20 to 20,000Hz audio frequency, a 26+/-15% (at 1Khz) impedance, and a sensitivity of 102+/-3dB at 1Khz 1mW. The speaker size is 140mm. Finally, the cable length is 120cm with a standard 3.5mm audio jack connector.

Users can get the Seattle headphones in four colors: Fluffy Cloud (white), Dark Clown (black), Blue Petroleum (ocean blue), and Rose Gold, a two-color scheme. The Urbanista Seattle headphones are available now for 59.99 Euro.