Upp hydrogen fuel cell charges your gadgets

There have been several hydrogen chargers that have hit the market over the last few years seeking to keep your gadgets charged without needing a battery or a power outlet. A new hydrogen charger has turned up called the Upp and it has a higher power capacity than similar chargers that have come before it.

The Upp has a power capacity of 25Wh, which is about twice the capacity of similar chargers that came before it. The Upp is made by a UK firm called Intelligent Energy and each of the hydrogen cartridges plugged into the charger provide enough power for five smartphone charges from the USB port.

Once the mobile device plugged into its USB port is fully charged, Upp turns itself off to avoid wasting power. An app is available to charge connected devices to a specific level as well. That app is offered for iOS and Android devices.

The Upp charger sells for the equivalent of $226 and includes a single cartridge when purchased. Additional cartridges cost $76 and you can exchange empty cartridges for full ones for $9.