UPlay+ gets a name change as Ubisoft announces Stadia and Luna betas

Ubisoft announced today that its UPlay+ service is being rebranded to Ubisoft+. The gaming subscription service didn't have the name UPlay+ for very long, as Ubisoft only launched it in September of last year. It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot that's changing along with the name, but we're going to see Ubisoft+ offered through a couple of new platforms in the near future.

Specifically, those platforms are Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. Ubisoft+ will be launching in beta on both services, and on Luna at least, this beta test is rolling out on November 10th. We don't know when the beta will land on Stadia, with Ubisoft only saying that it will be arriving sometime later.

Ubisoft+ subscribers will receive an invitation to the Amazon Luna beta, and in order to take advantage of that, they'll need to link their accounts. Once that happens, Ubisoft says users "will have access to Ubisoft games on Luna at no additional fee beyond their original $14.99 subscription during the beta," so it sounds like you won't even need to shell out Luna's monthly price of $5.99 per month to stream your Ubisoft games.

At some point before the end of the year, we'll see integration between Ubisoft+ and Google Stadia launch in beta as well. Ubisoft notes in its announcement today that Stadia Pro won't be required, so you'll be able to stream Ubisoft games through Stadia without paying anything extra.

Aside from these incoming Luna and Stadia betas, it doesn't sound like a whole lot is changing with the name change to Ubisoft+. It'll still cost the same $14.99 per month and still include access to Ubisoft's new and prior releases, with the company noting multiple times in its announcement today that Ubisoft+ subscriptions will include Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Immortals Fenyx Rising. We'll let you know when that Stadia beta rolls out, so stay tuned for more.