Updated Samsung Q1 to hit Australia and New Zealand later this week

Those of you living in Australia and New Zealand will be happy to hear that you're only days away from being able to purchase a Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC. According to a press release that we received today, it will be available within the next 3 days.

They will be offering different models to suit your needs. You'll be able to chose from a VIA or Intel Pentium M processor, Windows XP Tabled Edition or Windows Vista and a 32GB SSD hard drive.

You'll notice that they've address some of the concerns that were voiced over the first-generation Q1. If you choose the VIA processor you can squeeze over 5 hours of battery life out of the device. Or if you need the extra processing power, just upgrade to the Intel Pentium M. It's always good to see a company listen to customer feedback and make an effort to correct the issues.

Thanks Hugo!

[via press release]