Update: LG Rumor Issues

Hey, remember that story I did about the LG Rumor Debug menu and its ability to wipe the entire phone? Yeah, it turns out that the problem did exist, but it was in a small number of devices, and has apparently already been fixed by Sprint.

At any rate, their current inventory is not affected by the issue, so, its safe to go ahead and buy one if you want one. This tip is good too as it came from a Sprint representative, so all is well in the Sprint/Nextel/LG land, for now, oh, the full quote is below in case you were interested.

We are pleased to report that sales of Rumor by LG have exceeded our expectations. We knew would be a popular product and had every confidence in it, but the actual sales have far exceeded our projections. For this reason, we are facing inventory issues. We are working closely with our LG partners to get inventory levels back up and are hopeful that this will be available for our customers soon. This inventory issue does impact both colors. Let me also confirm that Sprint did identify a small technical error with this product that impacts a very low percentage of potential customers. A correction was addressed, please note that this issue has in no way impacted our inventory for this product – the two issues are separate and the issue was corrected with a simple fix as it was identified by Sprint. Sprint continues to have every confidence in this device and we are pleased to see such a strong response from our customers. – Michelle

Leff Mermelstein (Sprint Representative)

Sprint LG Rumor – for the record [via PhoneMag]