Update adding Siri to the ecobee SmartThermostat is rolling out

In early June, we learned the ecobee SmartThermostat would be the first of its kind to offer integrated support for Apple's Siri digital assistant. However, when the device hit the market, support for Siri wasn't activated. Ecobee has now announced that the software update enabling "Hey Siri" voice control is rolling out to the SmartThermostat.

With the update applied, users of the SmartThermostat will be able to utilize Siri to control the thermostat's settings without having to touch it. Supported "Hey Siri" features include hands-free temperature control, sending intercom messages, and more. The update is rolling out right now and will be available for all SmartThermostat owners in the next few weeks.

SmartThermostat does require users to have an Apple HomePod mini on the same wireless network as the thermostat. Users can also leverage the Apple Home app to control the SmartThermostat if voice control isn't ideal. By requiring the HomePod to be on the same network for control, security is increased.

By adding Siri, ecobee says it is demonstrating its commitment to an open ecosystem. The company wants to make its products compatible with all leading smart home ecosystems. By enabling an open ecosystem, ecobee is making it so that customers can buy the best product at the best price available without worrying about compatibility.

The SmartThermostat is designed to allow users to improve comfort, control, and energy savings within their homes. The thermostat is controllable using the voice or a mobile device and is ENERGY STAR certified. Ecobee says the device can help users save up to 26 percent on utility bills. SmartThermostat is available to purchase for $249.99 directly via the ecobee website or other retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Lowes, or Home Depot. Users without an Apple HomePod mini will also need to purchase that device, which currently sells for $99.