Untitled Goose Game finds honking big success

There was no lack of notable games released in 2019, but one that really got people talking was Untitled Goose Game. The indie title, made by developer House House, put players in the role of the titular (untitular?) goose and tasked them with disrupting the residents of a small town by mostly being a jerk. Untitled Goose Game definitely had plenty of meme potential, but now it's clear that the concept of playing a mischievous goose is one that had legs too.

Cabel Sasser, one of the co-founders of Untitled Goose Game publisher Panic Inc., has announced that the title has hit one million copies sold. Having a million sales under your belt is big no matter the game, but it's particularly impressive when you consider that Untitled Goose Game was only the second title to come out of House House following 2016's Push Me Pull You.

It seems that a lot of this success is down to Untitled Goose Game's first trailer, which went viral after it was released in October 2017. It's worth noting that Untitled Goose Game managed most of these sales while only being available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch; the game came to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 two weeks ago, and Sasser says that Untitled Goose Game passed the one million mark last week. Therefore, it stands to reason that the game's sales numbers will only climb from here.

With one million copies in the books, that might mean we'll see more from Untitled Goose Game in the future. Whether that could come in the form of a sequel or extra content for the existing game is unknown as House House hasn't said anything about what's next for the goose, if there's anything planned at all.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens from here. What's clear is that there's demand for the goose, and that could very mean there's demand for more of the goose. We'll let you know if House House announces anything regarding DLC or a sequel, so stay tuned for more.