Unreal engine 4 shown off on videos

Every year at E3, we can see lots of technology demonstrations and new video games that will eventually (we hope) come to market. Looking back at previous years, some of the coolest games I played have been based on the Unreal Engine. The latest version of the Unreal engine, Unreal Engine 4 has been shown off in a pair of videos outlining different aspects of the game engine.

The first video you see shows Epic Senior technical artist Alan Willard walking through some of the aspects of the game engine and showing things such as dynamic particle lighting, and the way lighting in rooms can change based on objects thrown into the environment. It's very cool to see how all these different objects interact with each other to change the game environment dramatically. The action in the video is real time, in engine demonstration footage, not CGI.

The second video is more cinematic and shows some of these qualities put together into a fully rendered scene. I think the flowing lava looks very good and I especially like the way the snow swirls and acts realistically as to do the little sparks coming from the hammer. I can't wait to see a video game based on this game engine, check out the videos and see what you think.