Uno Noteband uses speed reading to zip through notifications

You've likely used or viewed a demonstration of Spritz speed reading technology at some point — it shows individual words at a fast rate to improve reading time. Uno Noteband is bid as the first wearable to utilize this technology, allowing wearers to read their incoming messages and notifications quickly one word at a time. In addition to the speed-reading functionality, the wearable also functions as a fitness tracker.

Uno Noteband features a touchscreen display and vibrates when a notification arrives (Xbox Live, Twitter, Facebook, Google Fit, and Apple Health are all integrated apps). Through the related app, users can set a reading speed, then read notifications and messages according to that setting. Right and left swiping is supported for turning notifications on and off.

Incoming calls are also shown, and all functionality is read-only, meaning users won't be replying to messages from their wrist. The fitness tracking functionality is accompanied by a 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, and includes data on things like calories burned, steps taken, and the quality of one's sleep.

Uno Noteband's maker is seeking funding through Indiegogo, where the $50,000 USD goal is about 60-percent met with $31,000 USD in pledges. A pledge of $59 USD will get you one Uno Noteband set to ship in April 2015, while the retail price once it launches will be higher at $129 USD.

SOURCE: Indiegogo