Unmonday 4.3L speaker makes it easy to configure your surround sound

Surround sound is nice and all, but sometimes it can be a pain in the rear end to set up. Wireless speakers definitely help with that, if you want to quickly change things around, it can take some time. However, a Finnish company by the name of Unmonday has released what they claim to be "the first portable Dolby surround sound, ceramic AirPlay speaker."

That's right, it's made out of ceramic (porcelain, to be exact) and is also compatible with AirPlay. Plus, the octagonal shape of the speaker serves a crucial feature. By simply rolling the speaker to one of its six sides, it'll change the audio channel of the surround sound. For example, you can lay it on one side to use it as a right-rear speaker, or roll it to another side to change it to a center speaker.

Obviously, the speaker has six different audio channels in total. The other four are right speaker, left speaker, left-rear speaker, and mono mode. In order to accomplish the change in the audio channel with a roll of the speaker, it has built-in motion sensors on the inside that detect when the speaker is at what position, and then activates the appropriate audio channel.

Obviously, porcelain breaks fairly easily when dropped, so we're not sure how durable the speaker is, but it's nice to see products being made out of porcelain other than toilets and Chinese dolls. Plus, the speaker looks incredibly nice and it would definitely look good sitting on anyone's speaker shelf.

The Unmonday 4.3L speaker has special pre-order price of $499, with an estimated regular price of $700. Currently, the speaker still has 7 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, which is where you can pre-order it now for the special $499. While the speaker shows as not yet reaching its funding goals, the company has said it received $1 million from a private investor, so the project is a go.