Universal's next podcast is about doomsday preppers and brainwashing

Next week, Universal's UCP Audio (also called USG Audio) group will release a new podcast called The Followers: Madness of Two that focuses on prophets, doomsday prepping, and how seemingly ordinary, sensible people can get sucked into the absurd. The podcast will focus on the story of two people and the disappearance of their kids, as well as digging in to the why questions behind the drama.The Followers: Madness of Two comes from USG Audio, Antica Productions, and others; it'll feature Sarah Treleaven as host. The podcast will focus on the story of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow, the disappearance of their two children, and the deaths of five people.

A number of topics will be explored during the podcast, including brainwashing, doomsday prepping, religious fanaticism, and how seemingly ordinary people can end up sucked into extreme beliefs. Though the podcast won't premiere until September 15, UCP Audio has a trailer for the show available now.

This will be the second season of The Followers, which will be joined by a new podcast from USG/UCP Audio called Close to Death. According to Deadline, that new audio show will feature comedian Utkarsh Ambudkar as host, telling the stories of people who spend their days dealing with death.

Guests will include everything from the people who write obituaries to crime scene cleaners and morticians. Listeners will get to hear a day on the job with these various people in each episode, providing a sort of behind-the-scenes look at what goes into dealing with the end of someone's life.