Universal Studios displaying Back to the Future DeLorean after year-long restoration

Back to the Future fans have a new reason to head over to Universal Studios in Hollywood, which is now home to the DeLorean time machine from all three movies. Known as the Hero A car, the DeLorean underwent a year-long restoration back to museum quality, and is available for all to enjoy. You can check out a promo video of the car after the jump.

The restoration took place by none other than The Time Machine Restoration Team. The DeLorean was carefully refined to the condition it was in during the filming of the first movie. And yes, in case you were wondering, it does contain the flux capacitor powered by plutonium. This is one of three different cars that were created for the movies.

As you can probably guess, the other cars were designated "B" and "C." The Hero A car is called such because it was the vehicle filmed with the actors, according to BTTF. The "B" car, meanwhile, was used for stunts and effects, while the "C" car had the tamest purpose of them all, being used for interior shots. The "A" car, however, saw the most action, starring in all three films, as well as other productions related to the movies.

Like many actors beyond their movie-making heyday, the car was eventually relegated to an ordinary day job as a theme park attraction, where it spent two decades slowly breaking down, having only gone through one small change during this time. It was a short film promotion by Nike, however, that brought the "A" car back from retirement, prompting its eventual restoration.

[via BTTF]