Uniden debuts UDW10003 wireless video surveillance system

My neighborhood is besieged with door-to-door sales people. Each day it's someone new selling coupons for oil changes or wanting to clean my carpets. The people always get rude to when I stop them and say I am not interested before they go through their entire speech. I am going to put a wireless video camera on my front door and when I don't recognize the person, I just won't answer. What I need is something along the lines of the Uniden Wireless Video Surveillance System.

The system can be had with two different screen choices. The UDW10003 starter kit has a 3.5-inch portable wireless video monitor and a single compact portable camera. Uniden also offers a larger monitor that is 7-inches and wireless as well.

More robust indoor/outdoor cameras are offered and both the indoor/outdoor and the portable wireless cameras feature IR night vision. Both monitors can be connected to a larger TV via RCA cables. The wireless surveillance gear is available now with the UDW10003 selling for $199.99 with the 3.5-inch screen and a single camera. The UDW20055 is a bundle of two indoor/outdoor cameras for $299.99 along with the 7-inch monitor. Individual cameras are $99.99.