Under 1 million Google TV devices in use tips Google data

We all know that Google TV didn't do well in the marketplace. Some of that failure wasn't necessarily Google's fault. The content most people hope to watch using the devices was blocked such as Hulu and the ability to stream content from network TV websites. That said some of the fault was certainly the fault of the hardware devices that were out there such as the Logitech Revue and the software. Google's own data has tipped that there is a very small number of Google TV devices actually in use.

According to that internal data, there are fewer than 1 million in use today. The Logitech Revue reportedly makes up more than half of that number of devices. That's really no surprise considering the Revue was one of the few devices to adopt Google TV technology. Google and its partners have never offered official numbers for devices sold. The data for this comes from clues tipped from the Android Market statistics.

Google does give rough statistics on the number of devices using specific apps on the app pages in the Android Market. This is where the data for the under 1 million comes from on this story is the active install base for the TV and Movies app. This is the core app for Google TV devices that users are very unlikely to uninstall. The install base for that app is listed as 500,000 to 1,000,000 users. That same number of installed devices is listed for all pre-installed Google TV device apps. Gigaom reports that the number is also supported by statistics offered from Xyologic estimating 600,000 to 900,000 Google TV devices. That data is also based on the install base for apps and is historically within a few percentage points of the actual number of users according to the company.

[via Gigaom]