"Unbreakable" copy brotection broken, Transformers widely downloaded

I would hate to be someone that worked to create new forms of copy protection for digital media. First, I don't like copy protection, as I strongly believe I should be allowed to do whatever I choose with my media. Secondly, it would really suck watching all of my hard work undone in a few days or weeks. A fine example would be the recent release of Transformers.

The new HD DVD wasn't able to be ripped through conventional methods due to a new "unbreakable" copy protection. I'm sure you can see where this is going, but it has been cracked and torrents of the movie are now being distributed all across the interwebs.

Do you guys remember DVD X Copy? Man, those were the days. Movie studios thought they had it made when they had that title pulled. You have to wonder how much money is wasted on designing these new copy protection measures. What would be really interesting is a comparison of money wasted on creating copy protection, and how much is lost due to piracy.

Latest HD DVD copy protection cracked, Transformers now on the loose [via crunchgear]