Unboxing MacBook Air (late 2008 model)

When the MacBook Air launched, not only was there hardly anything on the PC manufacturers shelves to match it, Apple themselves didn't have another product like it.  Now, with the arrival of the late-2008 model unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro, people had started to question exactly whether the Air's ULV processor and relatively scant performance were one sacrifice too many.  Apple have responded by releasing the new, late-2008 MacBook Air: on the outside it looks pretty much the same, but under the hood the Cupertino company is keen to stress how different things are.  Check out our unboxing video after the cut.

New NVIDIA graphics, improved storage, a faster processor and a generally tweaked system add up to a far slicker Air – one that, for the first time, Apple are saying could realistically be a user's primary laptop.  In fact, thanks to falling SSD prices, they're saying it's twice the storage for roughly $500 less than the original Air's price.

Of course, with Apple throwing down the gauntlet we've got a lot to test.  We'll be putting the new Air through its paces on the SlashGear test bench this weekend, and will have the full review of the new late-2008 MacBook Air next week.  See you then!