Unboxing - iWear VR920

Remember that cool virtual reality gaming headset that I showed you guys last month? Well, as with any other product that promises me either virtual reality, flying cars or time travel, I tend to remain skeptical. However, a package just arrived on my doorstep that promises to give me the most realistic experience possible in a video game.

Along with the iWear VR920 I was also sent a Saitek Aviator joystick and a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which I will no doubt use to immerse myself into the technological world. While I'm not expecting to go all Lawnmower Man, I am hoping that this will provide a more realistic experience.

You can see from the pictures that it is most definitely an odd-shaped pair of glasses. However, once you put them on, they should transform into a 62-inch TV. I'll be conducting a full review very shortly.