Unboxing - Apple iPod Touch

Remember back at the recent Apple event where the iPod Touch was announced? We were told that it would be a couple of weeks before we would see it on shelves. We've heard that it will be on sale starting the Friday after next (despite what Vincent may tell you in the video), however, we've already gotten ourselves one.

Vincent has been kind enough to take the time to record his unboxing for all the world to see. It's not charged up yet, so you'll have to check back for a full review a little later. Until then, enjoy the images and video.

You can see that it looks very much like the iPhone, with a few minor differences. The biggest ones you'll notice are the lack of a speaker and microphone, you won't need them anyway, it's not a phone. The back of the Touch is different as well. Inside the box you'll find the Touch, a stand, a dock adapter, a USB cable and earbuds.