Um, who are you talking to?

Staff Editor - Dec 27, 2006
Um, who are you talking to?

A new Bluetooth headset from Argard (the M10) might make some people ask users “Who are you talking to?” The headset is white and shiny, and allows talking time of three hours, along with 100 hours when put into Standby mode. The headset is so small that it will fit inside the crevace of your ear, and is so small that you can’t see it at some angles.

A PDF on Argard’s website claims that the headset can operate over 10 meters, and weighs only 5 grams. A picture of the device being held between a finger and a thumb is shown, and it is about the same size as the thumb. Elegance is a key factor that went into the design of the M10, and size was certainly not compromised.


There is also a simplicity factor in the M10. There are three section of the M10: a talk button, volume buttons, and earpiece. Included is a charging cradle, an AC adapter, and extra earpieces for ears of all sizes. For more information, visit Argard.

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