Ultrasone debuts Pro 2900 headphones

Ultrasone is a German maker of some really nice headphones and the company has announced the latest addition to its line with a new set of headphones called the Pro 2900. The headphones will be released in two versions for the first time ever with a standard single cable version and dual cable balanced version.

Both versions of the headphones have the same open back design. The double cable version of the headphones is designed to be used with a balanced amp to increase performance thanks to doubling of the slew rate and voltage swing power. The double cable design will only work with a balanced amp.

The headphones have a black design with velvet covered ear pads and a diamond cut insignia on the ear cup. The drivers are 40mm titanium-plated units and they use S-Logic Plus technology to reduce the sound pressure on the eardrum and improve tonal perception. That means that the headphones can be worn longer before the listeners ears hurt. The headphones come with a spiral cable and a straight cable plus a second set of ear pads. Frequency range is 6-42.000 Hz and they weigh 295g without a card. The standard headphones are $549 with the balanced version selling for $799.