UK survey reveals biggest mobile wallet concern for consumers is security

A security firm called Intersperience has conducted a survey in the UK to see what the biggest fears that consumers have about mobile payment security are. The goal was to figure out the big concerns that might keep people in the UK from adopting the new mobile wallet services like Google Wallet. The survey was conducted by interviewing adults in the UK.

The results found that only 17% of those polled would like to use their phone as a mobile wallet in the future. The top concern that was going to keep people from taking advantage of mobile wallets was security with 44% of those polled citing that as what will keep them away from mobile wallets. The survey conducted polled 1000 people.

Some of the hesitation seems to be simple lack of knowledge. Out of those polled 24% of the respondents think that using mobile payments feels less secure, though they don't know why. Another 24% of those polled think their mobile is more likely to be stolen than their wallet. Right now only 8% of adults polled use their mobile for payment although that is expected to increase since 21% plan to use their phone to buy something in the future.