UK iPhone sales triple in October thanks to 4S

The iPhone is the most popular single smartphone in most markets even though Android is the most popular platform. Sales of the iPhone are booming in the UK thanks to the launch of the iPhone 4S reports The Guardian. Apparently, demand was pent up in the UK waiting for the 4S to land and now that it is here the sales of the iPhone in the UK tripled in October.

Smartphones may only have 27% of the global mobile phone market, but the percentage is higher in the UK alone. In October 42.8% of all smartphones sold were iPhones. Android on the other hand took 35% of the smartphone market. At the same time, overall smartphone sales in October inside the UK grew by 43% as the overall phone market declined 4%.

The Android OS is still more popular than iOS with 46% of the smartphone sold for the 12 weeks ending October 31. Statistics also show that 44.8% of the British population owns a smartphone. That still leaves more than half of the people living in the UK with no smartphone and lots more room for growth. Apple had previously bemoaned the rumors of the iPhone 5, which ended up being called the iPhone 4S, causing sales to slow significantly ahead of launch.

[via Guardian]