UK Facebook users peg iPod as most valuable possession

A company called has posted the results of a survey of Facebook users in the UK seeking to determine what is the most prized possession for the users. After all the votes were tabulated, the most prized position was the Apple iPod.

The iPod beat out things like wedding rings and cats by a significant margin. Only 1% of those that responded to the survey felt their wedding ring was their most prized possession. About 4% of the people who responded picked their car, 9% of people though their dog was their most prized possession with cats getting 5% of the vote.

Of all those surveyed the iPod was most prized by 12% of the respondents, a Blackberry was the most prized for 11.5%, and the iPhone was top for 10%. Laptops tied with dogs with 9% of the vote with a game console getting the nod by 8% of respondents.