Ugobe Pleo Reviewed

Our friend Judy over at GearDiary was lucky enough to get a Ugobe Pleo for review not and she just posted the final review. If you are interested in buying one, I'd recommend you hop on over to her site and read the whole thing.

Otherwise, I'll tell you what I got from it. First off, the Pleo seems like a user-friendly enough pet that it would be perfect for those unable, unwilling, or too irresponsible to have pets (like myself, except I hate robots). Judy even said herself that within the first week she was picking it up and petting it, and stuff like that just like a normal pet, and it had pet-like responses (cooing, wiggling its tail, stuff like that).

Also, when she quit petting it still had a pet-like response of doing whatever it took to get here attention again. What she didn't like, and what kind of seems dumb (especially considering how old the technology in the iRobot Roomba's are) is that the Pleo can't recharge itself, and gives no indication of when it's battery is getting low and dieing, and she also didn't like how short the battery life was, which was about 1.5 hours on a full charge. Other than that, she seemed to love everything about the little dinosaur. You can get one yourself for $349 if you really want one.

[via GearDiary]