UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker has 10 hours of battery life and big bass

Ultimate Ears is a company that makes some high-end earphones that is owned by Logitech. Earphones aren't all the company makes with a few Bluetooth speakers carrying the Ultimate Ears name as well. The company has announced a new product called the UE Mini Boom.

This small speaker promises big sound and a number of bright color options. Ultimate Ears promises that the speaker will produce clear highs and deep bass to give you quality sound wherever and whenever you want it. The internal battery for the Mini Boom promises up to 10 hours of playback from a single battery charge.

Bluetooth connectivity gives a wireless connection between the speaker in your phone and allows the streaming of music from up to 50 feet away. The Mini Boom charges via a micro USB cable so many smartphone users will be able to charge the device from the same cable that charges your smartphone on the go. Ultimate Ears also has an app available for Android and iOS devices that allows you to pair two UE Mini Boom speakers together for twice the sound production.

Available colors for the speaker include orange, purple, red, yellow, and black. The speaker has a metal frame with a rubberized casing allowing it to survive bumps and drops that come with life on the road. The speaker can also act as a speakerphone and features a multifunction button that answers and disconnects phone calls. The speaker will launch in October for $99.99.

SOURCE: Ultimate Ears