UE FITS wireless earbuds promise custom fit without leaving the house

Those in the market for a new pair of wireless earbuds are certainly spoiled for choice, but today, Ultimate Ears is introducing a new pair that it's hoping will stand out from the pack. The company has announced UE FITS, a new pair of wireless earbuds that has a surprising marquee feature: earbud tips that mold to fit the inside of your ears. The result, Ultimate Ears says, is an "instant custom fit" for these earbuds.

Of course, customization when it comes to earbud tips are nothing new, as there are many pairs of earbuds that ship with a variety of different tip sizes. UE FITS are promising to take things one step further by utilizing Ultimate Ears' "Lightform" technology. The process of getting them fit correctly requires more than just popping them in your ears and calling it good, however.

Ultimate Ears explains today that during initial set up, you'll need to first pair your earbuds to the UE FITS app. Once they're connected, you can pop the earbuds in and use the UE FITS app to trigger a purple light in each earbud that's actually at the center of this Lightform tech. "Lightform technology uses light to harded the gel-filled tips to the contours of each ear, transforming them into earbuds that perfectly fit the consumer's ear in under 60 seconds," Ultimate Ears said in its announcement today.

Not only should that result in a better fit that prevents earbuds from falling out, but it should also give some degree of passive noise isolation too. The earbuds use single dynamic 10mm drivers and have a battery that can last as long as 8 hours on a full charge. As with most wireless earbuds these days, they also ship with a case that can charge up your earbuds when the battery has been depleted.

By Ultimate Ears' description at least, these new earbuds sound pretty impressive, but in the tech world, impressive things tend to come with steep price tags and that's no different here. UE FITS are up for pre-order from Ultimate Ears' website in gray, lilac, and navy colors for a not-insignificant $249. They'll begin shipping out in the US later this fall.