UCCTOP XENO – your dream mobile video editing studio

James Allan Brady - Feb 28, 2008

You don’t need a van to transport this video editing software, just a large laptop case. That’s what it is, is a laptop on a whole lot of video editing crack.

We don’t have a lot of specs, but it has 4 channels of video input, 6 channels of audio input, 6-channel audio mixing and selected video switching. There is real-time insertion of subtitles and/or company logo during a live broadcast and you can convert video files to WMV for internet broadcasting.

You can control external devices such as the pan, tilt, and zoom of a camera or the controls for video or DVD players. VOD files are automatically stored in the media server and registered on a VOD list, there is Movie Maker software that will allow you to edit filmed videos with switching effects, images, and sounds and you can do real-time file transmission in an encoded format for live broadcasting.

The hardware on this thing must be amazing, and god knows how much hard drive storage there is. I bet the battery life is abysmal though, I don’t know where you can get one or how much they cost, but they look nice, and they are apparently made in Korea.

[via akihabranews]

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