Ubuntu Linux maker Canonical targets smartphones, tablets, and smartTV

The smartphone world is dominated by Apple and Android with Windows Phone playing a distant third and then all others far behind the top three. Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux are now saying that they will be taking on the top three firms in the smartphones and smartTV realm with a version of its Linux software.

I don't see any win in this for Linux. We have seen repeatedly that iOS and Android are very entrenched and even Windows Phone is having a very hard time completing. I see very little hope for another OS on the market we have today. The tip that Ubuntu is heading to the new platforms comes from Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical and Ubuntu.

The move to mobile devices will come after the latest 12.04 version of Ubuntu and the Unity desktop environment is stable, polished and ready for home and business users. Then Ubuntu will target other platforms. Do any of you see a chance for Ubuntu in the smartphone and tablet market?

[via ZDnet]