Ubisoft patches two major exploits in The Division

With the first round of content for Tom Clancy's: The Division, Ubisoft had to work on some balancing issues. This was mostly centered around the game's crafting, and ended up making it a lot harder to craft weapons and other gear. Considering how easy it was to craft the best stuff, it wasn't too surprising. Of course, that was the least of their problems, and they released a patch today to address two other major issues with the game.

There have been two major exploits plaguing the game. One of which has been there since the start, and the other was more recently discovered. The first was called the "double revive." For this, a player would start reviving another downed player, and when they got back up, both players would need to stay still, while you continued to hold down the revive button. The next time that player would go down, they would automatically be revived, without any assistance (because the game thought you revived them twice, for some reason).

While the double revive exploit could be annoying for opponents, the "talent-stacking" glitch was seriously game-breaking. This involved taking a gun with the Competent talent, (weapon damaged is increased by a certain percent for a short period after a skill is used) and equip it. Then, just swap it back-and-forth with another weapon for a very long time. The DPS on your weapon will increase dramatically over time. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Both of these exploits were patched during server maintenance today, which is why I was more than happy to explain how to do them. In addition to the patch, Ubisoft is handing out 150 Phoenix Credits this weekend, as compensation for all of the various bugs and issues that players have been experiencing.

VIA: Polygon