Ubisoft+ beta launches on Amazon Luna game streaming service

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Just like with videos, streaming has become big in the gaming market to the point that even Amazon, which few will probably associate with gaming, has jumped on board. Oddly named Luna, Amazon's own brand of game streaming has just opened up its beta testing phase and one of its first partners is Ubisoft who has also made its premiere subscription available on the streaming service. That is if you're willing to pay twice as much, separate from Luna's own Luna+ subscription.

There is bound to be some confusion but, fortunately, Amazon does have an FAQ that has already anticipated that. In Amazon Luna, you have to subscribe to game channels to get games rather than having a single collection that's open to all, at least to specific tiers. Amazon has its own Luna+ which boasts of a growing library of titles that include Metro Exodus and GRID for $5.99 a month.

Ubisoft's subscription exclusives, however, are only available via the Ubisoft+ channel, also still in beta. It comes with its own rules, like being able to stream to only 1 device at a time, and its own price of $14.99 per month. The rather curious part? You'll have to pay both monthly fees if you want access to both channels, around $21 in total.

It's definitely an unusual arrangement as far as game streaming services go but it could also be Amazon's way to entice giant publishers onto its platform and business. Ubisoft+ alone boasts hundreds of titles, including the newly-launched Assassin's Creed Valhalla, as well as premium editions and additional content.

Ubisoft isn't giving Luna preferential treatment, though, but Ubisoft+'s availability on Stadia is still coming soon. When it does, however, Ubisoft promises you can link accounts to enable full cross-progression support for some games. Even better, you won't even need a Stadia Pro subscription to access those games.