Ubisoft at E3 Annouces Far Cry 3, Furious 4, Driver and more

All day we have been watching all the E3 2011 news as it unfolds and right now on the stage is Ubisoft. They will be announcing all sorts of action and adventure games just like everyone else as well as feeding off of this being 25 years in gaming for them. Today we got a little surprise and they had a demo of Far Cry 3, the jungle creeping first person shooter. Followed shortly by Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. Keeping things short so we don't miss anything I'll get right to the photo's.

Far Cry is a first person shooter deep in the jungles for those that don't know. The original Far Cry was a big hit by the developers of Crysis and Crysis 2 and Ubisoft bought the rights to the game and released Far Cry 2 in the later months of 2008. 3 or so years later today they have announced Far Cry 3, we were lucky enough to snap a few screenshots of the stunning details and graphics and you can see those below.

Far Cry 2 was a hot selling game and had a very open world in the safari desert where players could roam and even drive for long periods of a time and never turn around. It was almost such a large map that I got lost at times. Far Cry 3 was not expected and Ubisoft mentioned that it was this years surprise but I have a feeling they might have another surprise or two coming later. Far Cry 3 is coming in 2012 and no other details were mentioned.

Driver was also on the discussion board as they showed clips of what Driver would have looked like 25 years ago when Ubisoft first launched, it was basically red dots chasing a yellow dot and those were the cars, fun. Ubisoft announced the upcoming game Driver San Fransisco to be the next racer in the franchise. No gameplay was shown but we did see a short video clip and it looks to feature the same great racing and intense situations as well as top notch handling just like previous releases.

They also briefly mentioned an upcoming title in the Brothers in Arms franchise called the Furious 4. It takes place in WWII era and you are four bad bad dudes that can handle any situation. Gameplay will be similar to the original Brothers in Arms and be widely based around co-op play.

More news is sure to come out of the Ubisoft event. They've mentioned Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and I'm sure Assassins Creed is coming up any minute now so stay tuned.