UberXL SUV service launches in San Francisco

Brittany A. Roston - May 13, 2014
UberXL SUV service launches in San Francisco

Uber’s business model has been met with its fair share of backlash, but that hasn’t stopped it from slowly expanding. Building upon its UberX ridesharing service is a similar offering called UberXL, offering customers an SUV option.

Uber announced an expansion of the service on its blog today, noting that it has now rolled the SUV offering out in San Francisco. The idea behind UberXL is that sometimes UberX isn’t enough to accommodate all the people in one’s group. Rather than hailing a car, users can be guaranteed an SUV.

UberXL provides customers with room for up to six passengers, and with the size increase comes a price increase: $5 for the base rate rather than $3, as well as fifteen extra cents per minute and $0.75 more per mile. The minimum fare has also jumped a bit to $8 instead of $6.

When UberXL will be expanding into other cities hasn’t been detailed. For more recent news about the ride-sharing service, check out the timeline below, then head into our SlashGear Cars Hub for more cars and automotive news in general.

VIA: Venture Beat

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