Uber's new family profiles support up to 10 riders

Uber has finally introduced a new profile option that allows everyone in a family to share an account. The feature is launching first in Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta, and supports up to 10 riders on a single profile. The move makes it easier for family members, friends, and other small groups to order rides using the same payment method — if your kid needs a ride after school, for example, they can use the family plan to order a car, and the receipt will go straight to the parent's inbox.

Called Family Profiles, the feature is available on the newest version of the mobile app (in applicable regions). To use it, one must open the Menu and then select "Settings." At the bottom will be a new feature that reads "Add a Family Profile" — choose it and then choose which contacts you want to add.

Those individuals will be sent alerts, and if they accept the invitation, they'll gain access to the account. From there, the account creator needs to add a payment methods, which everyone will have access to. Whomever set up the account will get the rider receipts at the end of each trip.

The new profile type is called Family Profiles, but of course you don't have to be a family to use the feature — it could work just as well for a company that has to regularly reimburse workers for taxis, making the cleaner, centralized Uber option more appealing. It isn't clear when Uber plans to rollout family profiles in other regions.