Uber’s CFO is leaving the company reveals leaked memo

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 16, 2015, 9:45pm CDT
Uber’s CFO is leaving the company reveals leaked memo

Uber is about to see one of its biggest executive departures so far, according to a leaked company memo. Brent Callinicos, who has been with Uber a couple years and currently serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, is reportedly planning to leave, and the reason has to do with personal matters. According to a memo to Uber employees, Callinicos is looking to step down so that he has more time to spend with his family, fulfilling a promise he made to them.

The information comes from the New York Times, which says it got its hands on an “internal memo” sent to Uber employees. In it, the ridesharing service’s CEO Travis Kalanick praised Callinicos’s “critical leadership” and the work he did in helping “take Uber to the next level”. Callinicos previously worked at both Google and Microsoft.

Fortunately, the decision seems to have been made for positive reasons, at least according to a separate memo from Callinicos sent to Uber’s employees. Callinicos is married and has a daughter, and according to the leak, he “made a promise to both of them that” he’d take “a long break at this stage of life”.

The question now is what Uber’s plans are going forward. The ridesharing service has been busy raising funding and other financial matter. According to the NYT, the memo stated Callinicos will be staying on as a “close adviser” — whatever plans there may be to find a replacement, however, have not been detailed at this time.

SOURCE: New York Times

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