Uber will now give you a ride into Mexico, but not back

Uber has a new option for all the young Americans planning to spend spring break in Mexico in the near future. The ride-hailing service has announced its first cross-border trips, allowing passengers in San Diego to travel to Tijuana with just a single ride. Just don't expect on Uber to get you back home again, as border agents have these pesky regulations that make things complicated on the business end.

Dubbed Uber Passport, because, well, it obviously requires a US passport, the service makes getting to Tijuana much easier than before, despite Uber operating in both locations. Prior to now, users would need to take an Uber to get to the border, walk over, and then hail another Uber (or taxi) to get to their destination.

Unfortunately, that process is exactly what Uber still recommends to get back into the US. At least the option makes for a safer way to get to Tijuana, especially for California college students who prefer to start early on their spring break drinking.

As for the fare, there's three price options available depending on the pick-up and drop-off locations. $90 will get riders from North Park to Zona Centro, while it's $100 to go from Downtown San Diego to the TIJ Airport, and lastly a ride between Pacific Beach and Rosarito is priced at $160. Uber notes that rides can accommodate up to 4 people, with the option of splitting fares.