Uber updates make life a little easier for drivers

When you request an Uber, most of the time you'll get matched up with a driver, and they'll show up to give you a ride. However, sometimes the driver cancels on you before they get there, and you have to try again. If this has ever happened to you, there are two reasons why it might have happened. You could have a low rating as a rider, or the driver you were matched up with wants a break.

You might wonder why a driver would even accept your request, if they're just going to decline it. The truth is, they automatically accept ride requests when they're carrying a passenger. They can't tell the app that they're taking a break or going off-duty until they've ended the current ride. Thankfully, this issue is finally being resolved.

Uber is rolling out some chages to their app, which is primarily aimed at the drivers who use it. One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of a pause button. At any time, the driver will be able to hit the pause button, and stop all incoming ride requests. This means that they can complete their current ride in peace, without being pestered by other potential customers. This feature will start rolling out in select cities this month.

They're also working on a feature called "Destinations." This allows a driver to set a few destinations that they frequent, such as their home, and their day job. When they're ready to head out, they can open the app and take ride requests that are on the way. This is currently being tested in select cities, with a wider release coming "soon."

Finally, drivers will start getting paid whenever they have to wait longer than 2 minutes for their rider to show up. This falls in line with an earlier policy change, where customers will get charged for taking too long to meet their driver.

Source: Uber